Our Mission

To help teens find and fulfill their passions by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

Our Story

Once upon a time, two sisters – Divya (28) and Divina (15) – lived together in Hong Kong. Divya was Head of Marketing at an entrepreneur’s club called Mettā while Divina was an aspiring writer and student.

Divya spent her days connecting with the most inspiring and innovative minds from across the world, and she often got Divina involved in the community. This helped Divina understand the 21st century workplace from a technological perspective which was great – but also more importantly from a people perspective. Divina realized that in order to be successful, she couldn’t just rely on her academic intelligence. She had to make sure her emotional, cultural, and creative intelligence were up to scratch as well.

This is when they realized that they were on to something, and that they had to bring this kind of insight and exposure to more teens around the world, sparking a movement that would empower youths to create the future together. And so Savvy Sapiens was born – with two hearts, two minds, and one truly exciting dream that we hope you will become a part of too!

The Platform


From Personal Discovery Workshops where we focus on your personal strengths and values, to mentor Mastermind Sessions with awesome adults who will take you through their life journeys, to Career Catalyst Talks where you get insight into the coolest jobs out there – there’s tons for you to dive into!


As a member you’ll get unlimited access to our exclusive content such as special behind the scenes interviews with CEOs and Business leaders, career cheat sheets and work experience guides. Our goal is to bring the best and latest insights from the real world to your fingertips.


We’re all about those once in a lifetime experiences, and we provide numerous ways for you to expand your horizons such as through community building initiatives, cultural festivals and personal growth retreats with other amazing teens like yourself.


Savvy Sapiens has given me the chance to truly think about what I want to do in life, and has really encouraged me to pursue my interests. It’s inspiring to see and hear the stories of successful adults, and I’m very thankful for the guidance that they have provided me. Savvy Sapiens is great for anyone regardless of their age, because it is a platform where EVERYONE can share their ideas.

Takano Kobeyashi (age 15)

Savvy Sapiens is a necessity to the current generation and the coming ones, especially in a world where most young people are exposed to a wide array of things and where we face different challenges that our parents just wouldn’t have come across. Savvy Sapiens will be able to provide a platform where we learn how to deal with our issues and grow as a community.

Ritika Mehta (age 15)

How to Join

We’re Looking For:

Teens (15-17) who want to learn more about themselves, get exposure to exciting new career fields, and design a life they are truly passionate about.

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The cost is just 500HKD/month and with this you get unlimited access to our content, community, and resources, as well as exclusive discounted access to our events.



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