Our Story

Once upon a time, two sisters – Divya (28) and Divina (15) – lived together in Hong Kong. Divya was Head of Marketing at an entrepreneur’s club called Mettā while Divina was an aspiring writer and student.

Divya spent her days connecting with the most inspiring and innovative minds from across the world, and she often got Divina involved in the community. This helped Divina understand the 21st century workplace from a technological perspective which was great – but also more importantly from a people perspective. Divina realized that in order to be successful, she couldn’t just rely on her academic intelligence. She had to make sure her emotional, cultural, and creative intelligence were up to scratch as well.

This is when they realized that they were on to something, and that they had to bring this kind of insight and exposure to more teens around the world, sparking a movement that would empower youths to create the future together. And so Savvy Sapiens was born – with two hearts, two minds, and one truly exciting dream that we hope you will become a part of too!