Our Story

Once upon a time, two sisters – Divya and Divina  – lived together in Hong Kong.

Divya (28) spent her days working with entrepreneurs and start ups, and learning all about the most innovative technologies and practises out there. She loved what she did, but she felt like she wanted to give back and share her learnings with people who would benefit from her contacts and experience.

 Meanwhile Divina (15) was an aspiring author and dedicated student at a British Secondary School. She enjoyed learning, but what she enjoyed even more was going to work with her sister and being exposed to the amazing like-minded community. And while she knew that her grades mattered, she realized that what mattered even more was personal growth – having a strong sense of self-awareness and being able to communicate her beliefs and ideas accordingly.  In other words, whilst academic intelligence was important – emotional intelligence was vital.

This is when Divya and Divina realized they were on to something, and that more youths needed to have the opportunities and exposure that Divina was getting. They wanted to help empower more young adults to understand and connect more deeply with themselves, and with the world around them.

And so Savvy Sapiens was born – with two hearts, two minds, and one truly exciting dream that we hope you will become a part of too!